To achieve our goals in our COVID-19 work, Te Hiringa Hauora is taking several approaches. We are:

  • working with our partners to deliver wellbeing messages for Māori. These partners include Hine Moeke-Murray of Te Kupenga Net Trust, Kaye-Maree Dunn for Te Kahu o Taonui, Kerri Butler & Maria Baker of Te Rau Ora, Natasha Kemp of Manurewa Marae and Skye Kimura for Mental Health Foundation
  • working with relevant national organisations to promote wellbeing messages and resources
  • delivering COVID-19-related messages through web, social media, newspaper and radio channels 
  • partnering with regional and community groups and organisations to develop resources, and tools to support their campaigns and initiatives.

Partnering with regional and community groups

Our community partners (and a brief description of their projects) are detailed below.

  • Making Everything Achievable - Te Kahu o Taonui. Te Hononga
    • This project will develop targeted psychosocial messages for whanau to:
      • register and reconnect with their iwi
      • know what support is available for whānau to access across the Iwi network
      • ensure tools, resources and supports are available
      • have access to a broad platform of campaigns that are taking place nationally.
  • Te Rau Ora and Te Kete Pounamu.Tūmanako
    • Following four hui, people with lived experience will create an audio resource that shares their stories of hope, support, and encouragement, to those who are experiencing heightened anxiety through COVID19. Complementing this resource will be an information pack to support both help givers and help seekers. 
  • Te Kupenga Net Trust. Ma Wai Ra
    • This project will reach rangatahi and pepi. The project gives rangatahi and mokopuna a chance to voice their COVID stories, via film, interview and published book. 
  • Te Hau Ora o Ngāpuhi Ltd. Kaimanaaki Iwi Service
    • This initiative will encourage whānau members with long-term health conditions to access healthcare and health information in a timely manner that meets their needs.
    • Note, this project is in association with our long-term health conditions team.
  • Rauawaawa Kaumātua Charitable Trust. Ngā Matauranga Taonga
    • This project focuses on producing six short videos capturing Kaumātua of different living situations sharing their experiences of COVID-19 lockdown. The videos are a Kaumātua-led communication/messaging tool on what supports, activities and people were helpful in keeping them well and safe during lockdown.
    • Note, this project is in association with our older adults team.
    • View the videos.
  • Te Awakairangi Health Network. Reconnecting People and Whānau to Primary Care
    • There is a concern that people are not seeking health care in a timely way. In fact, they are avoiding or delaying seeking care.
    • The project addresses this concern by developing a mixed media campaign with a series of short videos showing common situations for whānau having difficulties accessing care, and showing how they can get the healthcare they need. 
    • Note, this project is relevant to all the audiences Te Hiringa Hauora is focusing on.
    • View the videos and resource.

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Te Hiringa Hauora web pages

A page on depression.org.nz was designed to meet the needs of Maori.

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