AI – Let’s Talk About Sex

No one talks about sex! We wanted to change that by helping to normalise sexual health talk and by creating a space that empowers rangatahi to connect, learn and express themselves. AI – Let’s Talk About Sex is about providing supportive and informative kōrero about sex for rangatahi by rangatahi.

The harsh reality is that rangatahi are seeking information about sex from unsafe places. The AI digital video series offers kōrero and mātauranga about sex in an approachable and informative way. This topic can be shrouded in complex issues of culture, discomfort and stigma - our goal is to encourage equitable access to information about sexual and reproductive health to empower positive sexual health.

Grounded in the three pou of Youth Voice, Sustainability and Te Tiriti, Te Whatu Ora - National Public Health Service (formerly Te Hiringa Hauora) partnered with Māori creatives Arataua in the development of AI to achieve shared goals and support better sexual health outcomes.

Rangatahi Māori, families and their communities know what they can do to improve their sexual health outcomes. We believe they should be supported to achieve their hopes and aspirations. AI is kaupapa that supports young people in the realisation of positive sexual health and creates a safe space for them to kōrero about the issues that matter to them.

Key Messages

AI stands for ‘Awareness’ and ‘Intercourse’ but it’s also the kupu Māori for sex
AI creates a space where rangatahi can feel free to express themselves, to be vulnerable, to ask questions
AI offers kōrero and mātauranga about sex in an approachable and informative way – for rangatahi, by rangatahi.
Join the kōrero over on Instagram, YouTube and Spotify - @letstalkaboutai


AI is dedicated to educating rangatahi about sexual health and having those important but sometimes awkward conversations about sex.

Help spread the word

Resources are available for sexual health educators, community organisations and others to promote the AI – Let’s talk about sex campaign in local communities. Together, let’s encourage and normalise kōrero about AI.