Choice Not Chance

Choice Not Chance encourages people to check whether their gambling is just for fun and to seek help if needed.

Gambling can start out as fun, but there is a point where it becomes ‘unfun’. This is the central theme of the Choice Not Chance campaign.

Gambling harm is often hidden and it can get worse quickly. Relationships, whānau, finances, and hopes for the future can all be affected. If people are gambling at all, they are advised to check whether it’s still just for fun.

This campaign prompts people to reflect on their situation and whether their gambling is okay. They are encouraged to take a quiz on the Choice Not Chance website. The website also provides self-help tools and contacts for support including:

  • free face-to-face support services in local communities
  • the Gambling Helpline (call 0800 654 655, text 8006 or chat to them online). The Gambling Helpline is free and is available 24/7.

Key messages

Is your gambling still just for fun?
Take the quiz at
Call the friendly Gambling Helpline team for free help any time, 24/7.


The Choice Not Chance campaign seeks to motivate at-risk gamblers aged 18 to 34-years-old to check their gambling. The approach is designed to be especially meaningful for groups who are particularly affected by gambling harm. This includes Māori and Pacific peoples, as well as people who regularly bet on pokies, racing or sports. Many people in these groups may have never thought about whether their gambling could be having negative impacts for them or their loved ones.

The campaign shows likeable gamblers in common situations. Each storyline is designed to prompt discomfort to motivate self-reflection and future action: “Is your gambling still just for fun? Take the Quiz, or txt the Gambling Helpline on 8006.”

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