Drive Smokefree for Tamariki

Drive Smokefree For Tamariki delivers an empowering message to promote smokefree cars.

Meeting smokers in the moment of getting into the car, Drive Smokefree for Tamariki acknowledges it can be tough but it can be done, and the rewards are worth it for healthy tamariki.

Younger children are vulnerable to the effects of second-hand smoke, which accumulates in vehicles even when windows are open and reaches much higher levels than other settings. Children have little or no ability to influence smokers or avoid the situation.

The campaign will also raise awareness for a new law coming. To reduce children’s exposure to second-hand smoke, from 28 November 2021, it will be illegal to smoke or vape in a vehicle that has children under 18-years-old in it (whether the vehicle is moving or not).

There is very high public support for this law in New Zealand, with 95% of New Zealanders agreeing cars carrying kids should be smokefree. However, while most smokers also agree, a proportion still find themselves struggling to make the transition to a smokefree car. Life can be stressful and smoking has provided an avenue to alleviate that in the past. Drive Smokefree for Tamariki encourages whānau and caregivers they can do it with an empowering positive message and practical steps.

The campaign will work alongside community groups mobilising the message in their region. Protecting whakapapa, protecting whānau. Drive smokefree for tamariki.

Campaign channels

Key Messages

Go smokefree in your car.
Do it for your kids, do it for your whānau.
Put the smokes out of sight while tamariki are in the car.
Swap your smokes for chewing gum when in the car.
It's about tamariki. Our tāonga. Protecting future generations.
From 28 November 2021 it will be illegal to smoke or vape in vehicles with kids present.


Drive Smokefree for Tamariki aims to reach parents, whānau and caregivers who smoke in cars with tamariki present. Ensuring the message resonates with Māori, Pasifika and low-socioeconomic communities who are disproportionately affected by smoking prevalence.

Help spread the word

Resources are available for community organisations and others to promote the campaign in local communities.