Guardians of the Future

If you’re aged 15 to 30 you may not be protected against measles. Measles is a serious disease that can make you very sick. It can spread fast.

Getting immunised is the best way to protect against measles – it’s easy and it's free.

When you get immunised, you protect your whānau, your community and future generations from harm.


Key Messages

Aged 15 to 30? You might not be protected against measles.
Measles can make you very sick and can be life-threatening.
Protect against measles. Be a guardian of the future.
Immunise to protect yourself and your whānau.
Get your free measles immunisation.


Our primary audience for this campaign is Māori and Pasifika peoples aged 18 to 30. Our secondary audience is all young people aged 18 to 30 who might not be fully protected against measles. The campaign has been designed to resonate with those population groups who are most impacted by measles.

Help spread the word

Resources and campaign print artwork files such as posters, online banners, videos and education content are available for community organisations and others to promote the campaign in their local communities.