Helpseekers invites heavy drinkers to look at the consequences of their drinking and contact the Alcohol Drug Helpline for support.

The Helpseekers’ campaign asks heavy drinkers to answer ‘Yeah’ or ‘Nah’ to a few questions about their drinking. If they answer ‘yeah’ more often than they would like then it is suggested that they contact the Alcohol Drug Helpline.

Helpseekers ties in with Say Yeah, Nah by using the terms ‘Yeah’ and ‘Nah’.

Key messages

Have you ever been hurt as a result of your drinking? Yeah or nah?
Has anyone ever spoken to you about your drinking? Yeah or nah?
Has your drinking ever got you into trouble? Yeah or nah?
If you think you’re answering ‘yeah’ a bit too much, maybe we can help you say ‘nah’ a bit more often.
Call the Alcohol Helpline on 0800 787 797 or visit

Campaign channels


Helpseekers communicates with people aged 18 to 44-years-old who are drinking at high-risk levels. The main focus is on people who are experiencing harmful consequences of their drinking and are considering making a change.