Kuīni is a casual, friendly chatbot with zero judgement. She is here to help wāhine Māori kick their hikareti habit. She's Artificial Intelligence that wants to make a difference. 

Kuīni supports you through the first 30 days of your smokefree journey. She's always online, as a digital distraction during crunchtime and a carefree buddy if you stumble. She's the sis you can rely on so you don't need to go cold turkey on your own.  

You can access Kuīni instantly on Messenger whenever you need, and she will check in daily to see how you're feeling. Her focus is on just being there for you, so you can be straight up about how things are going. She's your digital confidante who doesn't require teka styles from anyone.

Key Messages

Kuīni is here to help you kick the smokes .
Kuīni is a free chatbot on Facebook messenger, accessible 24/7.
Non-judgmental, supportive, casual and friendly.
A 30 day journey to becoming Smokefree with daily chat to keep your mind off the ciggies and support you through the cravings.

Campaign channels


The audience for this campaign is wāhine Māori aged 18 to 34. 

Give Kuīni a go

Access Kuīni here, or by heading to Facebook Messenger and typing in 'Kuīni'. 

Find more information about Kuīni on the QuitStrong website here

Check out Kuīni on Facebook here