Immunisation during COVID-19 response

Protect your whānau – immunise on time

We can’t vaccinate against COVID-19 yet, but we can protect against other serious diseases, like measles and whooping cough.

Your child’s routine immunisations are due at 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months, 15 months and 4 years. For their best protection, immunise on time. Your children can be immunised safely during all COVID-19 alert levels. All healthcare services have procedures in place to make vaccinating safe.Your doctor or nurse can explain how it works at their practice.

Immunisation is the best way to protect yourself and your whānau against a range of infectious diseases and remains a priority for whānau during all COVID-19 alert levels.

Key Messages

As a parent, you’d do everything to protect your tamariki
Keep up with your child’s free, routine immunisations, due at 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months, 15 months and 4 years
Immunising your tamariki at the recommended times is the best way to protect them against serious diseases
Delaying your child’s immunisations can put them at greater risk of serious disease
Immunise during each pregnancy to protect you and baby against whooping cough and influenza
Immunisation is recommended and safe during all COVID-19 alert levels
Ask your doctor, nurse or Māori healthcare provider how you can immunise safely


The primary audience for this campaign is parents (mātua) and whānau with children aged 0 to 5-years-old. The campaign is intended to resonate strongly with Māori and Pacific communities.

The secondary audience for this campaign is expectant parents and pregnant women (hapū māmā).

Campaign channels

Help spread the word

Resources such as videos, radio adverts, social tiles, online banners and a fact sheet are available for community organisations and others to promote awareness in their local communities.