Most people who smoke want to give up, but they need help and support to have the best chance at becoming smokefree.

The QuitStrong campaign celebrates that many people do quit, and the support of others can help. With a strengths-based approach, the QuitStrong campaign uses a montage of videos of support from real people encouraging someone close to them to quit smoking. The videos are not scripted making them authentic and relatable. 

The campaign also seeks to tackle the reality that many quit attempts are not successful. QuitStrong promotes better ways to quit by linking people to support and tools that can increase their chances of giving up the smokes for good.

The campaign is a partnership between the Ministry of Health, Te Hiringa Hauora/Health Promotion Agency and Quitline.

Key Messages

You can quit smoking
For the best ways to give up the smokes for good go to
There are better ways to quit that are easier on you, and more likely to work long-term
With help and support you significantly increase your chances of quitting for good


Our primary audience for this campaign is young Māori wahine, including wahine hapū (pregnant women), aged 18 to 34-years-old, living in high deprivation situations who are contemplating quitting smoking.

Our secondary audience is male Māori and Pasifika males and females, aged 18 to 34-years-old, living in high deprivation situations, who are regular smokers.

The campaign also seeks to reach New Zealanders aged 20 to 50-years-old, regular smokers in high deprivation situations.

Help spread the word

Resources such as videos and posters are available for community organisations and others to promote the campaign in local communities. 

To help spread the word you can:
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•    Post our videos on social and use #quitstrong.
•    Share the link to
•    Put the posters up in your community.
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