Wahine hapū and new māmā

To achieve our goals in our COVID-19 work, Te Hiringa Hauora is taking several approaches. We are:

  • working with our partners, the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and All Right?, to deliver new Getting Through Together messages
  • working with relevant national organisations to promote wellbeing messages and resources
  • delivering COVID-19-related messages through web, social media, newspaper and radio channels 
  • partnering with regional and community groups and organisations to develop resources, and tools to support their campaigns and initiatives.

Getting Through Together - Digital (animated) ads

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Te Hiringa Hauora web pages

A page on depression.og.nz was designed to meet the needs of pregnant women and new parents.

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Spinoff stories

Hapū Māmā newsletters

Partnering with regional and community groups

Our community partners (and a brief description of their projects) are detailed below.

  • Arataua Ltd. Kia Ora Māmā
    • This project will develop:
      • expert-led video content on relevant wellbeing topics
      • a series of “Māmā Minute” videos
      • a digital Māmā handbook
      • a Māmā newsletter.
    • Facilitated Kia Ora Māmā coffee groups will be led by existing ambassadors.
    • We will facilitate a way to share pre-loved baby clothes and products.
    • Māmā Soup – a ‘pay it forward’ scheme to support new māmā will be developed.
  • Kaniwa Kupena - Tamarama. Kia Kaha Māmā
    • Three initiatives will be developed to support 50 women online. We will also hold two wāhine wānanga with 50 women participating each. The total aim is to reach 150 women in the community of Tairāwhiti. Key to the project are:
      • developing a journaling resource
      • developing an online Kia Kaha Māmā forum
      • delivering a wāhine wānanga.
  • Whānau Āwhina Plunket and Hāpai Te Hauora. Te Paa Harakeke o Papatuanuku
    • A national roadshow/wānanga series will be developed to engage with Māori whānau on harakeke restoration, safe sleep, maternal mental health and wellbeing, as well as childbirth/new parenthood.
  • Anahera-Grace (Tasha Bentley). Rongoa Maori Coping Strategies’ for Hapu Whanau
    • This project will build the skills and confidence of a small group of Northland māmā to provide peer support to others, increasing the reach and effectiveness of support while building their own skills and confidence.
  • Te Awakairangi Health Network. Reconnecting People and Whānau to Primary Care
    • There is a concern that people are not seeking health care in a timely way. In fact, they are avoiding or delaying seeking care.
    • The project addresses this concern by developing a mixed media campaign with a series of short videos showing common situations for whānau having difficulties accessing care, and showing how they can get the healthcare they need. 
    • Note, this project is relevant to all the audiences Te Hiringa Hauora is focusing on.
    • View the videos and resource.

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