Information for contractors and suppliers: Te Hiringa Hauora and COVID-19

25 Nov 2021

As an evidence-based public sector agency with a national role in health promotion, Te Hiringa Hauora takes a very cautious approach to operating in the COVID-19 environment. For example, in alert level 2 we have continued to encourage our staff to work from home, we have strict protocols for staff who are working from the office, and we are allowing only essential travel. 

The Government expects employees in the public sector to be vaccinated. In addition, public servants in specific roles in health and education and other client-facing roles have to be vaccinated.

Te Hiringa Hauora and its Board have set out an expectation that all Te Hiringa Hauora staff are vaccinated, regardless of their role. We consider it part of our duty of care to kaimahi and to the communities in which we work, and an essential element of our workforce planning and business continuity.

We extend that duty of care to our contractors and suppliers, including community partners and grant recipients, and by extension to the people and organisations they come into contact with in the course of their mahi. We want to ensure that all activities carried out on behalf of, or in partnership with, Te Hiringa Hauora adhere to the highest standards in COVID-19 protocols.

This means that contractors, suppliers and grant recipients need to be up-to-date with, and comply with, all Ministry of Health COVID-19 advice under the alert level system, and when it comes into place, the COVID-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system).  

This will require risk assessments of roles to see if staff carrying out that work are required to be vaccinated. Mandatory vaccination requirements are in place for health and disability workers, border workers and staff in correctional facilities and school and early childhood education teachers. Anyone who works closely with those sectors also needs to be vaccinated.

Te Hiringa Hauora contractors, suppliers and grant recipients whose activities involve community engagement, including but not limited to, one-to-one interviews, hui, focus groups, surveying, video productions, or other gatherings or events need to adhere to the requirements under the COVID-19 Protection Framework. More detail about the settings under each traffic light will continue to be added to the Unite against COVID-19 website and need to be checked regularly.