Baby teeth matter resources

Promotional activity for the ‘Baby Teeth Matter’ campaign has now concluded. Due to the expiry of license agreements, sharing and promotion of all campaign material (excluding campaign logo’s) is now prohibited.


Hero video

Other videos available: 

If you need the actual video file (not just the link) email



 A3 posters are available for you to download - please click on the images below for web versions, or the links below for print ready versions. They come in four languages - English, Te Reo Māori, Samoan and Tongan.



Print ready versions:

Online banners

Online banners are available for you to use on your website, intranet, social media channels and in e-newsletters. They come in four languages.

Social tiles 

Please click on the images below to download the social tiles. You can also find and share these posts from the Ministry of Health social media pages. 



Baby teeth matter logos

A full suite of logos is available. Below are links to JPEG files, if you require a different file type please email


Te Reo Māori 



Logo guidelines