Baby teeth matter resources

Please note, due to license agreements, these resources are only available to use until 19 November 2019.


Watch on YouTube

Watch on Vimeo

If you need the actual video file (not just the link) email


Listen to the radio ad


 A2 posters are available for you to order. They come in four languages - English, Te Reo, Samoan and Tongan.



Online banners

Online banners are available for you to use on your website, intranet, social media channels and in e-newsletters. They come in four languages.

Web banner small (MREC) 300x250 - English

Web banner large (wide) 1200x628 - English

Web banner small (MREC) 300x250 – Te Reo

Web banner large (wide) 1200x628 – Te Reo

Web banner small (MREC) 300x250 - Samoan

Web banner large (wide) 1200x628 - Samoan

Web banner small (MREC) 300x250 - Tongan

Web banner large (wide) 300x250 - Tongan

Baby teeth matter logos

A full suite of logos is available.

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