Nutrition and physical activity

Health Star Rating Monitoring and Evaluation

18 Feb 2016
The Health Star Rating (HSR) is a new voluntary front-of-pack labelling system developed for use in New Zealand and Australia. It takes the guesswork out of reading nutrition labels and allows consumers to make better informed, healthier choices quickly and easily when comparing similar packaged foods. The HSR system was developed through a collaborative process between the Australian state and territory governments, the New Zealand Government, the food manufacturing and retail industry, and public health experts. New Zealand joined Australia to implement the system in June 2014. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is leading the development, implementation and governance of the HSR system. The Ministry of Health is funding HPA to develop, implement, and monitor the consumer marketing and education campaign that aims to help consumers to understand what Health Stars mean and how to use them when making purchasing decisions about packaged foods.