Minimising gambling harm

New Zealanders’ Knowledge, Views and Experience of Gambling and Gambling Harm: Results from the 2010 Health and Lifestyles Survey

8 Jun 2012

The material in this report is drawn from gambling-related questions included in the 2010 Health and Lifestyles Survey (HLS). With the exception of gambling participation data, this report covers most of the gambling questions from the 2010 HLS. The report covers five major themes:

  1. People’s experience of gambling harm, including their personal risk of harmful gambling, experiences at a household level of problems caused by their own or someone else’s gambling and use of gambling help services.

  2. Views and knowledge about gambling harm, including opinions on which types of gambling are more harmful or less desirable, ability to describe the signs that someone has a problem with gambling and awareness of potential consequences of gambling problems.

  3. Responses to gambling harm, including awareness and use of strategies to avoid gambling too much and to help someone who has a gambling problem, awareness of gambling help services, and participation in conversations about avoiding gambling harm.

  4. Addressing gambling harm in the community, including opinions on the use of gambling funds for community purposes, local decisions on gaming machines, people’s feelings on who should take responsibility for preventing gambling harm, and people’s own involvement in community actions.

  5. Advertising about gambling, including awareness of advertising for gambling activities and people’s recall of the effect that advertising has had on their own gambling behaviour, and recall of advertising that promotes solutions to gambling harms.

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