Energy labelling for alcoholic beverages in New Zealand

This research reports on the impact of different energy (kilojoules/calories) labels on consumers’ likelihood of buying and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Phase one used focus groups to explore consumers’ awareness of energy in alcoholic beverages, their views on energy labelling on alcoholic beverages, and the effects of different types of energy labelling on likely purchase and consumption of alcohol. 

Phase two used randomised trial methodology to further explore the impact of different energy labelling.

The longitudinal patterns of alcohol use in older New Zealanders

Older adults are at significant risk from alcohol-related harm, yet few studies have explored the patterns of older adult alcohol use over time. 

HPA funded Massey University and the University of Auckland wto look at the role of alcohol in older people’s lives, patterns of alcohol use, and how the drinking patterns of older New Zealanders compare with other countries.

The research used 10 years of longitudinal data from the New Zealand Health, Work and Retirement Longitudinal Study (NZHWR).