We provide advice and resources to education settings to encourage their communities to lead healthier lives. 

Ensuring the places New Zealanders’ live, work, learn and play are healthy and safe is a core part of our work.

Early childhood education services, schools and tertiary education providers are ideal settings for developing positive environments and building positive social and emotional wellbeing. They can promote wellbeing through their vision, values and strategic priorities, and through the deliberate design of their curriculum and policies.

What does HPA do?

Through our work and our relationships with others we:

  • promote messages, share information, and support best practice health promotion (using a whole school approach) in education settings
  • develop and promote tools and resources that support and embed health and wellbeing in education settings.

Support for education settings

Play your best card

A novel team-based card game for secondary school teachers and youth workers who want to inspire teens’ critical thinking and encourage conversation about challenges that are going on for them right now, or that they might encounter in the future.

Play Your Best Card was co-designed with teens, secondary school teachers and youth facilitators. 

Smokefree at school

The Smokefree at School website contains information, tools and resources to help education settings be truly smokefree. 

We sponsor the national music events for secondary schools - Smokefreerockquest and Smokefree Tangata Beats.


School-based immunisations

We work closely with the Ministry of Health's immunisation team to provide communications and marketing support for its National Immunisation Programme. The school-based immunisation programme provides recommended immunisations for children aged 11 and 12 years. 

Nutrition resources for schools

We have developed a number of nutrition resources specifically for schools.

Want to become a water and plain milk only school? Download the guide

View our 100% Water resources

View our other school nutrition resources


Skin cancer prevention

We have posters and other resources you can use to share SunSmart messages with your school community.